Adult Canopy Beds

Canopy Beds Bring Out The Princess In All Women

When I was a little girl I always dreamed about having a canopy bed. Of course I also dreamed about a white knight coming to proclaim his love for me and of having a beautiful black horse named Stormy. But as I grew, I still thought of having my white canopy bed. I never got one. I realized a few years ago, however, that I was old enough to purchase my own canopy bed! But, I thought, they didn’t have Canopy Beds for adult women, did they?

Yes, they do! Both The Fashion Bed Groups Beds and Hillsdale House Furniture have a few canopy beds that are available in all sizes! There is one difference, however, between a little girl’s canopy bed and an adult canopy bed: an adult canopy bed does not have a sloping canvas canopy, but rather is made up of four tall, thin posts with rods that connect the posts anchored high above the mattress. The Contour Canopy bed is the one that caught my eye. It has a matte black finish, giving it a regal look, and has enough height between the mattress and the top of the frame so that I could stand up without being able to touch the top!

An Adult Canopy Bed is extremely versatile when it comes to decorating. You can leave the bed plain, you can purchase curtains to surround the bed, or you can use sheer scarves to create a whimsical and romantic look. Add a few candles and some soft music and you’ve got yourself a romantic setting that is much more romantic than if you’d had sleigh beds or iron headboards. A four poster canopy bed and even a canopy daybed provides a piece of class and elegance to any room!

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